5 Easy Strategies to get more Instagram Likes

Long gone are the days of hoping you’ll get more than 12 likes.

1. Take every photo of a plated meal (like, all your restaurant food photos) from above, with the phone at least 3 feet from the subject.


2. Use natural light as often as possible to improve the quality of your photo. Even if you’re inside with dim lighting, face a window to get as much natural light as possible.

3. Speaking of natural light, Instagram your breakfast or lunch instead of dinner. According to Daniel Krieger, a Brooklyn-based food photographer, restaurants are more likely to rely on natural light in the morning and midday. Artificially lit food photos are almost always #Instafails.

4. If you must Instagram your pizza in a dark restaurant, use someone else’s iPhone flashlight to light the dish. If you really want to get fancy, ask your friend to hold her iPhone flashlight at a 45-degree angle above the food and bounce it off the back of a white menu to brighten both sides of the food.


5. Add in blue tones whenever possible to get 24 percent more likes than usual. One study found that red- and orange-tinted photos receive the fewest likes, but photos that are blue receive more. Sky and ocean photos are everything.


I bought 1500 Instagram followers and 500 likes

buy-instagram-followers I wanted to see what it does for your image/followers/numbers if you buy followers. So I bought followers and likes on Instagram. It cost me 20 dollar. And what exactly did I get?

YES, I knew I was buying fake accounts (but not certain) and YES I knew this was a risk and not good for certain reasons, namely:
– my reputation (OMG she’s SO fake, she BOUGHT her followers)
– my loverate (that’s the percentage of number of average likes on your pics divided through the number of followers)


I had 990 followers on Instagram. I bought 1500 followers on a website I found through Google. I cannot find it again now (they probably come and go), so just Google ‘buy real instagram followers’ and you will see a lot of services. After paying 15 dollars (it said ‘best option’, for 25 dollars I could have bought 2500 followers, was that no good?) and within the next 24 hours, I got all these 1500 followers. Three weeks later and I now have 2712 followers.

These are indeed fake-accounts. They don’t ‘live’, aka they do not like nor comment, but they look real. You can still recognize them: these accounts have weird names, they do have an average profile pic and follow a lot of people. So far the same as any account. They do not have (m)any followers, mostly 0 to 5, they do not post pics, mostly no more than 1 tot 10 pics already there. These pics are randomly picked from the web.

After I bought the followers I wanted more, more! I thought that if one of my pics got on the popular page, I would get more fans. After all, the pics on Instagram’s popular page are not the best ones, right? So I bought 500 likes for 5 dollars from the same service for one of my already popular pics (60 likes, which is a lot for me). The likes came within a couple of hours. I got 562 likes in total on this pic from my son Mauro and his friends.


– Buying followers worked a little bit for my image: I get more followers faster than before. In the past 3 weeks I got 200 new followers where as I got a dozen in this same timeslot before. Note: I also gave a presentation to over 200 (starting) bloggers from which I got more followers than usual. So when people see that I have 2500 followers think it’s worth to follow me more than when I had 990 followers. Mission 1 accomplished.

– My Klout score went up from 67 to 68 and it looks like it stays there. Klout can’t determine they are fake accounts. A failure from Klout, in my opinion, but very difficult to undermine. (Update december 2014 > maybe Klout also examines engagement rates from Instagram, like the love and the talkrate)

– The likes did NOTHING. To get on the popular page you need thousands of likes so I should have bought much more than 500. Will do that if I have the guts.

– My loverate and talkrate a.k.a. engagement is lower than before, because these fake-account don’t like and comment. Not so good, but not a terrible thing.

– I haven’t got any bad comments from people (yet) nor have I been banned from my beloved Instagram (yet).

Am I happy? Yes? Would I recommend this strategy? No, but I would not lie that it could work for your image. Are there any REAL services to get more followers that you know of? Let me know! There was an article about Instagram scams from the Android app Instlike, check it out on Mashable.

Get more traffic

webtrafficThere are 3 main approaches to strengthen website traffic. They’re: convenience, Awareness, preservation. Each one of these brings something for the tally, but when blended, they offer an internet site operator with regarding the finest web they can throw on earth of possible readers who buy website traffic.

Just how do these features work and do they work together to boost website traffic? Well, it all sits upon a simple idea. The largest oversight site owners make is that they keep the site to fend off for itself once they have produced it. Is that this undesirable? Consider it this way.


6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Fanbase on Soundcloud

Sound distribution site Soundcloud might not be the only platform on the market which is designed to place your tunes into the ears of supporters and possible fans as well, however it’s among the most successful at what it does.

Buy Soundcloud Plays

Where some other sites of their kind came out the gates all guns ablazin’ having an in-your-face layout plus a variety of functions, simply to fail after the initial hype wore off, Soundcloud’s simpleness and bare-bones strategy continues to be the single thing getting it from power to power. Lots of people are confriming that some online music promotion websites give a great initial boost to your tracks. The best way to give a boost to your music is to buy soundcloud plays and let them raise on the top of the streams of your fanbase.

Upload your tunes, share with other folks, become involved in the community. At first glance, that’s practically all there’s to it, yet drill down just a little deeper, and you’ll most likely discover that performing solely those easy little things can perform all sorts of miracles in boosting your audience.

How? Here are 6 simple methods to improve your fanbase with Soundcloud that you could start doing today.


Achieving Targeted Viewers With Instagram

No matter what service or product you might be marketing, a targeted audience is essential. Over 300 million users which are on Instagram will almost certainly require browsing to recognize and choose those who are related to your business or advertising goals.

How to use Instagram for Business

Anything from your company profile to marketing and advertising initiatives needs to be strategically created and performed. It may need a few creativity and of course time however the benefits will always make it useful. Here are a few suggestions for attaining targeted followers with Instagram:

  • Utilizing competitions to gather attention: In achieving a target market you’ll initially need to get discovered. To get discovered you will have to grab the focus of as many folks as you can to be able to ultimately improve the lot. Picture competitions are excellent tools for completing this task.These types of contests involve telling the community of the hashtag that relates to the competition. This is exactly what they might use to tag their images. What they also do is buy instagram followers to boost their profiles.
  • Employing Instagram Profiles on the internet: This app enables people to access your Instagram business user profile via devices like a pc or laptop. Through the use of this tool you’ll be achieving a significantly larger target audience.
  • Misshapes a Social Media Agency, this strategy will boost your Instagram reputation over night.
  • Communicate and make friends: Help make your brand known and reveal that you might be also an engaged cause of the Instagram community. Socialize without only your target market but additionally with all the very brands that your target market is following. This can be a great way to research your market to be able to effectively engage them all the time.